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Region 17 Select Stallion Service Auction

Nominaton forms are on the Home page
All rules and prize money breakdown can be found on the Rules page
Nominated Stallions are listed on the Stallions page

Bidding for the 2015 Auction is Now Closed

Services not Sold

Until April 1st, the Stallion services not sold at the Auction will be available for purchase for the Minimum Bid price
  • click on the Purchase Breeding link on the Stallion's Detail page to send an email request or
  • phone Wendy at 1.250.722.0162 or text 1.250.619.0085

Notes for the Successful Bidder

The successful bid covers only the Stud Fee. Investigate what other costs will be incurred in breeding your mare by contacting the stallion owners, reading their breeding contract and talking to your own veterinarian. Some things you may be responsible for: getting health papers & vaccinations for your mare, mare care fees, artificial insemination fees, collection and shipping charges.

Within 48 hours of the close of the Auction, the Successful Bidder will be notified by email, or by phone. The Successful Bidder then has 72 hours (3 days) to make full payment.

Payment may be made to the Region 17 Arabian Horse Association through PayPal, or if the Successful Bidder does not have internet access, the Successful Bidder will be required to contact the Region 17 Treasurer to arrange payment by credit card or cheque.

When the full payment of the Highest Bid Price is received, a receipt from the Region 17 Arabian Horse Association will be forwarded to the Successful Bidder, along with the Breeding Contract, and that receipt must be presented to the Stallion Owner prior to the breeding of the mare.

The Mare Nomination Form must be completed and submitted with the nomination fee of $100 by November 15 of the breeding year in order for the foal to be eligible to enter the Futurity classes.

Only Registered Purebred or Partbred Arabian offspring will be entitled to enter the Futurity classes.

If the Successful Bidder fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this sale, the Region 17 Arabian Horse Association will retain any down payment and declare the contract null and void. The second highest bidder will then be given the option of then buying the available breeding. 

In the event the Stallion Owner, by reason of death or injury of the stallion, is unable to fulfill this agreement, the payment for the breeding will be refunded without interest, unless there is frozen semen available.

Notes for the Stallion Owner

If the stallion is sold or leased prior to the conclusion of the prescribed breeding season, the Stallion Owner will be responsible to the Purchaser to insure that the breeding purchased through the Region 17 Select Stallion Auction will be honoured by the new owner or lessee.

The Stallion Owner will be sent the name and contact information of the Successful Bidder who purchased their donated breeding after full payment has been received.



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